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This hands-on visual aid reveals complex family dynamics at a glance.

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We produce and make available products that relate to families and grief: how families work, how families grieve and how families grow. Read recent article about Dr. Janice & Luther in the new office.


Nadeau Family Mobile

A picture is worth a thousand words while a three dimensional model is worth thousands more. The Nadeau Family Mobile™ pictured here has traveled the world for 30 years. Family Systems MobileDr. Janice Nadeau has used it to help people of whatever nationality and station in life see how families react to the death of a family member. A mobile captures how families are fluid, how members balance one another, how generations relate to each other and much more. When a family member is removed one can see at a glance how a family goes out of balance and how unhealthy relationships may result. The mobile has been used in gatherings of the bereaved, in workshops for professionals and in classrooms to help students see features of family function and dysfunction that otherwise would be likely missed.

Over the years Dr. Nadeau has had requests to make her family mobile available for others. Now you can have a user-friendly family mobile that is easily assembled, travels well…

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